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Monotype and Acrylic on Hardboard 24″ x 36″
Created as an assignment from my Color and Process class at OCAC. The first step was to gather a bunch of images from a stack of magazines, pass those images around the table to trade them with the other students, then pin them up on the wall and write down a stream of consciousness about the assemblage. The whole thing smacked of collage and dream journaling to me, so as usual, I resisted.
My dominant image was a beluga whale so I took that and used it as my focal point in the composition. There are many layers to this piece, each one coated with matte medium in between. It has a depth to it and light bounces through those layers. The painting got a good review at the critique and it’s one of my favorite pieces. I took the title from Heather’s wonderful word mangle. I think she meant apocalypse.


Base Monotype

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