I started this series in Chattanooga with April, the model for Thread. I was breaking new ground experimenting with abstraction in the Seeds series and I asked April if I could make a monotype of her using the same technique. My first attempt became Cacophony. I created a few more with Shida but I couldn’t solidify in my head what I was doing and where the pieces might go from there.


When I moved back to back Portland, I asked a few of my friends and some professional models to volunteer for the project. As the painting progressed, the work and the idea became more clear to me. When I draw or paint someone, I run their image through my filters: the illustrations I’ve done, the paintings I admire, and people I know who resemble my subject. By working with the model to make the mark, the image on the surface is actually theirs; the paint captures movement, muscle, hair and pore. I embellish the image after we make the mark, it’s a portrait from the other side.

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