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I started this painting with an acid yellow base and red. I asked my model April if I could use her a s brush. She’s small with great definition. I placed green and purple along the edges of the painting, she lied down in the paint and water mixture and I guided her back and forth over the surface three or for times until an image emerged. I spent about 20 hours on the result, finding shapes and edges.ย These colors vary greatly from my normal palette. I never use an acid green like this one and I tried to tone it down throughout the painting. I gave up fighting with it about 17 hours into the work and something happened; I applied a color that matched the green and the drawing unified. It shimmers in the light like an insect’s wing, impossible to capture with my camera.

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  1. Quin Sweetman

    Folks, buy up this art while you can! Daniel is extremely talented and his work won’t be priced this low for long. The installment plan is a good idea for those of us who can’t pay it all at once.

  2. Stephen Dale

    Some lovely stuff Daniel! Glad to see your art is coming along so nicely. I really like your striped stuff as well.

    Stephen Dale

  3. Carla

    This piece and those related are very molecular looking to me, which I love. I studied Biology along with my art major. I’d love to see you demo how you use the balloons. Logan tried explaining it to me one time.

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