Small Things

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Acrylic and colored pencil on Hardboard I’ve been working on a series of small pieces; 6″ x 6″ inches like the original Seeds. Something to lose myself in between working with models. These pieces are in sizes from 4″x 4″ to 8″x10″. …


Face2Face Art Show

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I blended two views of Sophie’s face using my gridding technique. Painting a portrait from a photo can be a challenge. The picture is already composed for you and inherently static. Painting a person in the flesh is completely different. It’s a record of both people’s experience over time, and much more intimate.

I chose to use two photos of Sophie to bridge the gap from the frozen moment to the traditional portrait, blending the two in a single composition. The first layer, a straight copy of the photo, the second, an idealized, almost Disney cartoon of Sophie. The stacking creates a tension that one view alone would not produce.

I also designed the postcard for FACE2FACE.