Dana’s Mandala (in progress)

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Monotype and Oil on Hardboard 48″ x 48″

I reached a stopping point resolving the shapes in the third layer of Dana’s Mandala. A friend commented that it “looks like teeth/skulls/backbones/ribs all at the same time!”. I like that description. I separated the individual shapes and did some edge blurring to make them recede into the indigo background. I found jellyfish-like, glassine shapes in the front of Dana’s torso and explored their transparency. The large lotus in the center become more defined as the process continued.

Dana was my first model in the Maps series. She worked with me on Paean Vessel and Paean Vessel No.2.

These are stages of the painting in progress. The first image is the straight monoprint of her body. The second is the first layer of oil glazing and blocking in of shapes.

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