elaria’s mandala – process

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In documenting the process, I asked elaria to share her thoughts with me. The following is a recap of her experience:

“A beginning of simple warm-up drawings – familiarity and comfort quickly attained in a welcoming little art box that was full of warmth and creation energy.
Deep breath of anticipation.
Slate cleaned and bare, virgin canvas laid on an easel that was the entire floor covered with a light brown drop cloth. Already, the room was challenging the sense of up and down.
yellow and water – spritz, spritz, spritzed – an invitation to rest bones and muscles upon this solid, legless table.
A Feast!
blue and green gave room and opportunity for further immersion.
red asked to join…
Symbiosis within the movement of both bodies correlated with the colors and time passed like nothing.
A new culture.. a new dance was taught and learned, the pupil eventually bold enough to add in her own ingredients and steps to the patterns.. a kind of massage therapy to extract artistry.
Each new painting left an impression upon my body and the color dried there until the next piece removed some of it for itself: flotsam and jetsam floating in fresh new paint.. a balance between the concrete and the abstract in both the process and result. After the biggest piece – the mandala (a 9-dance requirement) – was ready to dry, the session culminated delightfully, warm water washing all the synthetic skin away from my natural skin.”

. . .

“Working with Daniel was as comfortable as a collaboration could be in the way that immediate understanding and flowing dialogue was achieved. I believed and trusted his choices and direction and he allowed me to be a contributory artist within the process he had developed, despite the fact that I had never experienced something like this before. It was a gentle and gratifying experience, and I am excited to view the work after Daniel has further manipulated the pieces..”

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