I began working with the figure seriously in 2003, after I moved to Portland, Oregon. I used pastels, they were similar to the markers that I used when I worked in advertising. The work was very popular but expensive to frame. I switched to oils in 2007.

My work was very muddy and mediocre in the transitional period so I cut my palette back to primaries, earth tones and white.

I like to work fast and am too impatient to wait for the oil to dry. I prefer working in alla prima, looking for a visceral feeling rather than a representation of the model.

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I’ve kept a sketchbook since my last year of high school in 1979.

These are from figure drawing sessions and personal drawings, most use pens. The earliest drawings are done in ball point. I switched to Micron in 2007, and I have used Zig Millenniums. My favorites are Precise V7’s at the moment. I prefer the .005 for it’s fine lines.

I sketch straight onto the surface with no pencil lines underneath. All of my mistakes are visible. The line I make has been compared to a signature.