I am Fierce

fisheyed Connective Tissue, Figurative, Visceralia 4 Comments

(Third Stage)

I spent a lot of time looking at this painting in it’s previous stage and decided it needed to be dark to balance the top third and the red line across the top of Amanda’s head.
I also did some scratching on the piece with a knife and some steel wool, mostly on the tattoo. I’d painted it in too much and it lost too much of it’s rawness. I also added some eyes that I’m working on, want to do something with the hair and I need to fix her lips. Paint dries quickly in the Rivoli. I’m waiting for darkness to cool the place down.

This image got a chilly reception at Art.a.ma.jig. They hung it in the back. A fellow artist compared it to the work of Odd Nerdrum, I was very flattered.

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  1. William Gilliam

    I can see the Odd Nerdrum in it. I really love it, its beautiful. I love the site, its great to see all of your new work. Your figures are outstanding, your pastels have become even more amazing than they were. The paintings on oil tape are outstanding. Nice work, Im really stoked to see you doing oil paintings. I still use your pastel technique, its the only pastel technique I know. Good work man!!!

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