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120″ x 96″ in 8 30″ x 30″ panels – Acrylic, Oil and Monotype on Wood.

Featured as a part of the 50 Works Advanced Painting Student Show at the Autzen Gallery, March 2015.

Opening Reception, Thursday March 5, 5-8 pm.

& NH Hall Installation and New Media Cases

724 SW Harrison Street
Neuberger Hall, 2nd Floor, Rm 205
Portland State University

A reworking of Split Infinite from the previous quarter’s 50 paintings exercise, this piece is a portrait of REW and a capstone to the Maps project.

My studio is in the old John Deere Building under the Morrison Bridge. This slice of sky is what I see as I walk from my stop every morning. I have been working in a 12′ cube for the past four years, creating a body of work for a show that will encompass the Maps along with my Life Sized Portraits. With INRI, I’m ready to edit the works and put the presentation together.

I grew up Baptist by default. My parents weren’t particularly religious but we lived in the South and Jesus was all around us. I was bussed to services every Sunday until the bus driver ran over my dog and didn’t bother to stop. I’ve been at odds with organized religion and institutions in general since. In INRI, that distrust has crept its way into my work. I will write more about the painting and post the transition shots when the work is finished.

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