Leviathan (in progress)

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Oil on Acrylic Monotype – 72″ x 48″ in 3 panels

I started working with Emily when she contacted me through figuredrawing.net and wanted to pose for the open session. She said it was on her bucket list so I said sure. I asked her to stand for me for a portrait and it turned out to be one of my favorite pieces. REW is a bundle of lightning in a bottle. She’s worked with me on a couple of paintings that I have yet to finish. When she saw Emily’s portrait on the wall, she wanted to be her “Mini-Me.”

The base of the painting is a monotype of REW in aqua and in orange. Emily’s legs are the magenta octopus. I got so inspired when I saw this drying that I put it up on the wall the next day. I’m having a blast working on it.

I showed this to a friend who told me that I would have been a huge smash in the 60’s. Peter Max, I have your back.

Click through the slides and watch the painting being built.

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