Lilith Marie’s Mandala

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Monotype and Oil on Hardboard 48″ x 48″

The final painting of Lilith Marie’s Mandala. A breakthrough piece for me, it’s my first finished painting after a long hiatus and the loss of my muse. Painting it has been very cathartic for me, not only for healing my heart but for solidifying my ideas about the Maps series.I was asked me why I call the series Objectify and I wasn’t able to put it into words. Looking at someone and painting them, for me, takes an ability to dehumanize them, to turn them into pure form and run that through the filter of my eyes, my brain – objectifying them. The same way I would a chair or a vase. The word didn’t really suit the project, Maps is a more fitting title.

There’s also a history of painting the female nude as an object or piece of property, see the documentary Ways of Seeing from the BBC for a better explanation than I can give you. Making these monoprints is just the opposite for me. I’m not interpreting my model, they actually make the mark, and I interpret those marks. It’s more direct and a true collaboration.

Thank you, Lilith Marie.

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