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Monotype and Acrylic on Hardboard 48″ x 48″

When interviewed Ovata for Maps, I asked her some of her favorite things, she said:

” I like mossy and olive and deep dark greens, ocher, rusty reds, burgundies, browns, charcoal, turquoise, coral pink, retro red-orange, and chartreuse. Favorite things….building things, construction projects, working with my hands, drawing, watching wild animals, epic nature spots, burritos, Beethoven, flowers, especially poppies, laying in the sun, hitch hiking, the moon, mushrooms, electro-pop music, learning constellations, caramelized onions, gardening, dreaming…”

He answer gave me a whole bunch of ideas. I studied art history in school last year, and I remembered the shape around Lady Guadalupe, it has a name, something like morula.
I liked the image and tried to incorporate it into this piece. That didn’t work so much, but the finished one does feel like Ovata to me– dark and mysterious and playful.

Collection of the model.

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