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I began working with the figure seriously in 2003, after I moved to Portland, Oregon. I used pastels, they were similar to the markers that I used when I worked in advertising. The work was very popular but expensive to …

Life Sized Portraits

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fisheyed Figuative, Portrait Leave a Comment

Venturing into abstraction, for me, is a wonderful experience. I get to let go of representation and let my imagination go free, but sometimes I lose my discipline. I started these portraits as a counterpoint to my Maps series. I …


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fisheyed Abstract, Maps Leave a Comment

I started this series in Chattanooga with April, the model for Thread. I was breaking new ground experimenting with abstraction in the Seeds series and I asked April if I could make a monotype of her using the same technique. …


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I had a dream where I was playing chess and staring at the board gave me an idea. I decided to try taping off an oil sketch and doing another on top and removing the tape to see what would happen. Most …


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I keep a sketchbook and have done so since I was in high school. I switched over to a black Moleskine brand and use Pilot Precise V5’s for my line work. I’m lazy and I don’t do the layout in …


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I took an introduction to sculpture class at PSU and now I’m hooked. I love lifecasting, mold making and working with class. These are some of my class assignments, experiments and doodles.