Portrait of Roxanne

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Assemblage on Masonite, Various Artists

I did a portrait of Sophie Franz as part of the Face2Face Show, created and organized by Roxanne Patruznick.
As a thank you to Roxy for her wonderful idea and her hard work, I asked the artists who participated to create a portrait of her as a surprise.

Her husband, Johnny Shaw, sent me a picture that I converted to black and white and cut up into 4″ square. Each artist took one or two of the squares and painted them blindly, not knowing where the fit into the larger picture. I reassembled the pieces into this portrait of Roxanne.

Jennifer Bogartz | Susan Circone| Elena Cronin | Geoff Edwards | Suzanne Elizabeth | Sophie Franz | Daniel Gill | Suzy Kitman | Betsy Levine | Brin Levinson | Joanne Licardo | Amelia Opie | Lea Peace | Johnny Shaw | Deborah Spanton | Quin Sweetman

Thanks to everyone who contributed a square for the portrait and thanks once again to Roxanne and Johnny for a wonderful show.

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