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I left Portland, Oregon earlier this year after an eight year residence. I traveled cross country with Crystal Zingsheim and we stopped in to see my friend Zack in Chattanooga, my home town, on our way to the coast. I was amazed at how much the city had changed in the twenty odd years since I’d been away. Six months passed and I found myself back in town for a visit. I met Zack’s good friend Jas Milam and she invited me to sit in on one of her art therapy sessions. We chose a rune from those face down on the table before us. I picked the “R” shaped rune, Raido, meaning journey, union or reunion. I saw this as a sign and now I’m back in Chattanooga in the Rivoli Art Mill in a studio next to Jas.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been saving the tapes from my Dysphagia Series, the strips that I use to paint one work on top of another. I’ve assembled them into this composition “Raido” representing my journey from Illustrator to Painter.


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