Second Portrait of Samara

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Oil on Hardboard

This the second  portrait in progress of my friend Samara. I picked this one up right after working on the first portrait for a few hours. I’m using the same photo reference as the original portrait. My ground is a piece of gessoed masonite from a piece that I started at Hipbone when Samara was the model. I drew gestures in the wet gesso with a pencil, let it dry and then painted some gestures on top. I took the board down to the basement, steel wooled the surface, then picked up a brush and painted my outline freehand.

I’ve scrubbed in the darks of the coat using ultramarine, raw umber and a bit of phthalo blue, staying nice and loose with my brush work. I’d made Sam’s head a little too round so I took a dried brush and did some scraping in the jaw line and hair. Not too bad for a first layer and lots of fun besides.

Stay tuned for more.

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