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Monotype and Oil on Hardboard 24″ x 48″

Many years ago, a good friend of mine asked me to do a mural for her new baby. We based the works on creation myths from different cultures. One wall had Gabriel touching the baby; allowing it to forget its past and start anew. The second wall featured Newt; the Egyptian Goddess who swallows the sun in the evening and gives birth to the day. Hades and Persephone covered the third and on the last wall was a Native American myth about the Corn Maiden and the Brave. The maiden represented white corn and the brave, yellow, together they birthed the world.
I’d forgotten about the mural and particulars of the myth. My friend Crystal saw this piece last night and told me it looked like a children’s story. I remembered the Corn Maiden and I looked the story. Selu is the Cherokee name for the Corn Mother, and since I grew up in the cradle of the Cherokee, I thought it a fitting name.

Thanks to Treasure.

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