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Always Janessa – Oil on Monotype – 8″ x 8″

Crystal Zingsheim got me into the Big 400 show here in Portland this year. She had some boards and she gave me Chris Haberman’s card. “See if you can still get in.” she said. An email to Chris, and a week later these are my five entries to the show.
I thought about this for a couple of days, what to do and how to do it. I was on the train home from school when I heard a guy behind me say this, “Sometimes there’s always a…”, there rest isn’t important, it’s that part that stuck. I used to shoot a lot of polaroids back in Atlanta, some light painting, some surface manipulation and some just got stuck in the camera. I’ve kept all of those experiments and mistakes, and I thought a little variation on that theme would make a good series.

So these are the navels of 5 people who have changed the way I look at things. The dates are their birthdays. It’s a sort of snapshot from an imaginary place, one where life starts.

Christi’s is the closest to a polaroid. She and I were at OCAC at the same time. She’s a painter, I’m a painter. She’s taught me things about painting and life that I would be lost without. She’s in Oaxaca right now and sent me a reference via email.

Floofie is the most generous person I know, elegant, stylish and a geeky artist. She’s my rock, and this is a print of her belly button. Purple as always.

Tess is beautifully grounded and a solid person. An Irish firecracker and my Ondine, she breaths life into everything we do.

Verronica’s laugh is like popcorn in a popper, she giggled throughout the whole process. I hope I caught the brightness of her in this print, she is just so Verronica.

I asked Janessa to work with me on Maps. Her response was “absolutely beautiful. I would love to work with you”. She helped me make a flower that I can’t wait to finish.

Thank you my friends, you are the best. And thank you Crystal Zingsheim and Chris Haberman.

These will be hung at the show on December 14. Stop by and see them in person.

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