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First Session

This idea came to me (as many ideas do) in a dream. I’ve been working with a woman named April since the first of the year, She’d never modeled before she sat for the open session that I started here at the Rivoli Mill. She’s a quick study and has taken to modeling quite naturally but I’ve had a hard time communicating with her, artist to model. I have a lot of preconceived notions about my process based on my experience in Portland. I brought all of those to the table here in Chattanooga, not realizing the difference in the cultures. I haven’t worked one on one with April for more that 3-4 hours on 3 separate occasions. Most of our times have been an hour or less, I’d felt rushed and I haven’t made much progress. I decided to sit down with my model and explain what I wanted out of the painting, set up a regular schedule to follow and to see what came out of the work. We’re off to a good start here.

My work is about the energy exchanged between the artist and model. I’ve heard it described as a silver thread running from the subject to the observer and back again. I took that thread in my hand and tugged at April’s navel, slowly pulling out what I wanted and what she gave me and putting it on to the surface of my painting. Over the course of the sessions, I hope to expand upon this thought and see where the end of the thread goes.

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